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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Torxtools?
We are a distributor of genuine Torx® bits-keys-screwdrivers-specials that has no affiliation with
the Torx® licensor, Acument Intellectual Properties. However, Torxtools has an agreement with Acument that allows us to use the name TORX in our name, as long as we supply genuine Torx® products.


What are the genuine Torx® sizes?
T1 thru T10 and then in increments of 5 (T15-T20-T25-ect)


Why do some customers ask for odd size Torx (T17 example) when there is no genuine Torx® that size?
Sometimes a user tries a Torx T15 and the bit or key is too small for the mating Torx screw and a Torx T20 is too bit for the mating Torx screw, therefore, the user assumes there must be an in between size (T17) that will fit. Most likely the problem is the bit/Key or the screw is a ‘knock-off’, therefore a proper fit is compromised.
The same size genuine Torx® bit/key will fit perfectly into the same size genuine Torx® screw!


What is a genuine Torx® item?
Torx® is a registered trademark of Acument Intellectual Properties.
Manufactures of Torx® fasteners and Torx® Bits must be licensed by Acument Intellectual Properties.


Are all genuine Torx® products made to the same specifications?
Yes, all licensees utilize Acument’s detailed Torx® specifications to make product


What is a Six-Lobe or a Star recess?
Six-Lobe or Star are ‘knock-off’s’ of the Torx® licensed design. When purchasing knock-off
product’s, the quality and dimensions can vary, as the manufactures of these products are
not regulated as is a Torx® licensee.


What is a Torx Plus®?
Torx Plus® is an upgraded design of the standard Torx®.


What is a Torx® Tamper Resistant feature?
Like Torx®, several drive systems have a tamper resistant feature that is meant to discourage the fastener from being removed. A Torx® fastener has a post in the center of the Torx® recess to discourage removal.
Conversely, the Torx® Bit/Key has a centered hole that mates with the fasteners post.

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